Pink Fire Pointer June 2012

Drink it with Pearls

On Saturday I was at Champ's in Aix en Provence.

The sexy French host Geoffrey Guidone insisted I taste Champagne with Aroma Pearls. What an experience! The Pearls are little Syrup balls made by the French group Monin. They are used as a garnish for food and now drinks, it´s very effective in transparent cocktails and sparkling Champagne. I am now an addict! Blackcurrant, passion fruit, banana, apple or blue curacao… Each pearl has a delicate outer skin, encasing a liquid centre. They can be easily crushed. You delicately pour them in a glass and add champagne over. The Pearls dance with the bubbles, animate the drink and then slowly repose at the bottom of the glass. Fun new bubbly experience!

The pearls have consistency between caviar and jellybeans that burst when bitten. When bitten, the flavours are released for a taste sensation. I recommend the blackcurrant pearls, to give your glass a little bloody feeling and you a glamorous vampire look...

Bubbly Kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady