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My Glamorous Weekend in Athens

It was a Tuesday morning; I was wearing my Hunter boots, 2 layers of knitwear, a coat and a scarf. The weather in London was experimenting with my patience once again (5 weeks of non stop raining!) and when I saw the picture of one of my Greek friends being at the beach, and getting tanned, I immediately booked my tickets to Athens for that Friday. 

I arrived at 23:00 p.m. at the airport and when my friend, Linasaw me wearing my winter clothes she said that I must be crazy as she was wearing a dress and her beautiful Pradasandals. Soon, I felt the temperature and I putted on my Acne summer dress (purchased 1 month ago, you can imagine my anticipation for wearing it!) and in 40 minutes I was in PARADISE!

Around 00:00

We arrived at one of my favourite club restaurants in the world, the Island! This bar restaurant doesn’t look like any other place! Located by the sea, when entering through the Cycladic type of doors, you feel that you have just landed into a Greek island. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

We ate delicious food, danced all night (literally as we left the  Island when the sun was up again – typical of us), had a lot of champagne and overall we had an unforgettable time with my Greek friends while I was celebrating the beginning of summer!

12:00 (yes this is the time that I woke up – no comments) Lina brought me breakfast in bed so that I could quickly get ready for the beach and some tanning!

14:00 we arrived at the beach! Finally, the sun and the sea! I think I couldn’t ask for anything else. Oh wait I need champagne!

 Here it is! Now I am on top of the world!

22:00 Now a second fabulous night out is calling! We are going to Bellini Aperitivo that Lina had told me that it is the so hot-right-now place to be in Athens! Well I said that The Champagne for Life Lady must definitely check this one out!

This place is simply great! The minute I entered it I felt a great vibe from the crowd that seemed to be having fun chatting over Bellini’s. As I headed to the bar to order a Bellini, I couldn't keep my eyes off the Monroe and Hepburnportraits on the wall! My Bellini was great but because I got jealous of Lina’s Rossini, my second drink was this delicious strawberry based champagne cocktail. I can promise you (as you know I am quite an expert!) that this was the best Rossini I ever had in my life!

Bellini Aperitivo was considered to be our starting place for the night but because everybody were having fun and more friends were coming, we decided to stay longer and indulge ourselves with some pizza to complement our champagne cocktails. The pizza was also amazing! I fell in love with this place and told Lina that we should go there again the night before my return to London. I met the people who own the place as well, and because they could see how much we were enjoying ourselves there, they were so kind to offer us complimentary Bellinis and Rossinis. HEAVEN ON EARTH!

End of Part I

Bubbly Kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady

"Can We Still Be Friends"; the book I have with me in Cannes!

When I found out that Alexandra Shulman published her novel "Can We Still be Friends" I got very excited; the party at Sotheby's for the celebration of Vogue's editor fictional debut was the icing of the cake, or in my world the fresh aromatic strawberry into my bubbly champagne. I cannot remember the hours I wasted into my closet trying to figure out the fashion choice for the event but I can remember that I ended up with a vintage chiffon corset dress bought ages ago from one of my favourite stores, called Rellik mixed with Enamel and Brass earrings, Bottega Veneta Clutch and elegantly curled hair. Everyone was at the event; from Mario Testino to the inspiring Ben Elliot.

Alexandra Shulman and Mario Testino

Tatler editor Kate Reardon and Net-A-Porter founder Natalie Massenet

I remember spotting Christopher Bailey in a grey silver-ish suit making him extremely charming and Sibylla Phillips chatting with Mario. Note: Sibylla's lipstick was to die for. As the time was passing I overheard Rolland Mouret discussing fashion with Natalie Massenet while I couldn't get my eyes off the dress of Nigella Lawson which was Ah-mazing! Vogue-Novel-Champagne paved the way to a great event but Alexandra's reflection of happiness will be something to remember. The verdict for the fictional debut of “Can We Still be Friends” will be made soon, since I just started it here in Cannes but from a Shulman I always expect the best. 

Bubbly Kisses (still from the Cote D'Azur)

The Champagne for Life Lady

Reporting from Cannes Film Festival 2012

All roads lead to Cannes Film Festival 2012. As you can see from my posts, I was long waiting to walk on the “red stairs”! My Marchesa dress fittings took a lot of energy out of me but at the same time I was very excited. I really couldn’t wait to land in Cannes and watch movies that may win the Golden Palm or not. Usually, I can spot the movies that will be the next best thing as my cinema “eye” and taste is very cultivated.

This year my favourite movie preview was the one that raised the curtain of the festival too, called “Moonrise Kingdom”. It is a Wes Andreson’s film starring Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel and Tilda Swinton. What a cast and such a sweet movie!

But the Cannes Film Festival is not only about the movies; it is about the fashion (it is always about the red carpet!), the celebration of the beginning of the Cote d’Azur summer season (indeed one of my favourite summer destinations!), meeting and chatting with talented actors but more importantly this festival is about the parties. What can I say? I am the ultimate party girl that you could spot very well dressed with a champagne glass in hand, having an amazing time! Since in this festival I am not the only one looking at its best, here I will present you with my favourite Cannes Film Festival 2012 looks…

 Eva Longoria rocking the red carpet in a Marchesa Fantasy dress!

Naomi Watts in another fairytale creation by Marchesa.

Eva Herzigova in a pale pink iridescent Dolce and Gabbana wearing a fantastic Chopard necklace.

Diane Kruger reminds me of Grace Kelly here in her Giambattista Valli gown.

Spanish actress Paz Vega looking very chic and beautiful in a Stephane Rolland gown.

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The Great British Garden Party @The Roof Gardens

Last Tuesday I was invited to The Great British Garden Party at The Roof Gardens to kick off the British Festivities like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics. All worlds’ eyes are in London this year and I promise that I will report everything! I have to admit how much I am enjoying what I do as it involves drinking champagne, visiting incredible venues and meeting beautiful people!

So, lets go back to The Roof Gardens event. The invitation suggested that I should be Dressed in order to impress and so I putted on a red Valentino dress and a pair of Loubis and there I was… ready to experience The Great British Garden Party on a rainy day. 

When we arrived, the kindest staff welcomed us in the Clubhouse with champagne, canapés and pick n’ mix. I must say that the attendees were more excited about the pick n’ mix than for the champagne! I got very impressed by the large pick n’ mix queue but again I couldn’t take my eyes of the champagne glasses that had took over the Silver Bar.

Being 100 feet above Kensington High Street, and drinking champagne at The Spanish Gardens, it felt like I was actually in Spain and that a musician will come out of nowhere and play his Spanish guitar. This place makes you feel that the time froze and that you are on your holiday! I got so excited that I even wondered whether the sun started shining! What an exciting feeling! While I was waiting for my guitar player, a band came, indeed, out of nowhere and started entertaining us with some Jazz sounds.

Suddenly, my friends told me that there are other places to discover too as The English Woodland Garden! There, I was so astonished to spot 2 flamingos. Such beautiful animals!

While I thought it was time to have another glass of champagne, a waiter informed us that there is a barbeque and a dining siting area at The Tudor Garden. Every dish I tried was simply DIVINE. We sat down at the beautifully decorated white tables where the staff was so proactive to have placed for us blankets, as the cold was the only thing that reminded us that we were in London.

I can't wait to go there again as I also found out that The Roof Gardens plan cinema nights on selected evenings this summer!

Bubbly Kisses from Cannes Film Festival 2012

The Champagne for Life Lady

Met Gala 2012: My favourite dresses!

The weekend that passed I had set only one goal to accomplish. That goal was to relax since my last weekend was unbelievably exciting-glamorous-fun but tiring at the same time (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!). Goal was successfully accomplished and so I had plenty of time to look for inspiration from the comfort of my lovely apartment enjoying the company of a glass of bubbles. By now, I think you should have figured me out, and so you know that I look for inspiration in champagne and fashion. Then I remembered that I did not make any post about the hot topic of the previous week; of course I mean the Met Gala 2012 “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations”! So, I guess that this is the appropriate time to show you my favourite art pieces, as I like to call these spectacular dresses!

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe rocked the red carpet with an old-Hollywood-style attitude. This look is my best of the best!  

Renee Zellweger looked stunning in a Pucci gown with an open back as well as a feathered train and accents.  

This look from Mary-Kate Olsen was the talk of the town this whole week. Wearing a black dress from her personal collection called The Row, she clearly made a statement and grabbed lots of positive and negative attention. Personally, I find this look very interesting and different. 

Simple but marvelous was Gisele Bundchen accompanied by her husband Tom Brady. Gisele was wearing a mermaid style Givenchy gown.

Diane Kruger made her entrance at the Gala wearing a royal purple Pradagown with a feathered finish. This look really stands out from the crowd.

As far as my glamorous-relaxing weekend is concerned, I only went to one of my favourite Mayfair places; Cecconi’s for a glass of champagne. There, next to me was Bill Nighy who I must say that I have seen there more than 10 times. He must love Cecconi’s as much as I do!

Bubbly Kisses

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Passion for Cinema

In May all the cinema lovers know that Cannes Film festival is around the corner. Hurrah! The most glamorous and prestigious Film festival will be held in Cannes from 16th to 27th May 2012.

This year the Festival is going to turn 65! The festival definitively still boosts the film industry worldwide and while maintaining a strong connection to its past, the world's most important film festival is always ready to take on board new and original concepts. The secret of longevity!

I will definitively not pass to this most awaited event and attend the Opening ceremony and walk on the “red stairs”! 

Until then...

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The Champagne for Life Lady

I am in Love with House of Angels!

They are angelic, sensational, fabulous, extremely talented and the ultimate Champagne for Life Ladies. Their name is House of Angels and I cannot stop listening to their tunes. 

My obsession with this band started when Champagne for Life sponsored a charity event, the Hestia Experiencia. The moment these “Angels” came on stage, the crowd went “nuts” and immediately begun dancing and singing along, like there was no tomorrow. I was actually one of them and I couldn’t believe that I would have such a good time in a charity event. House nonetheless is one of my favourite types of music.

When Lisa-Marie Bowman started singing marvelously “I can’t wait for the weekend to begin” I literally thought that I had gone to heaven and that this “Angel” was my musical salvation.

All 4 ANGELS are spectacular. Lisa-Marie is the ultimate “soul sister” that knows how to rock the stage with her hypnotizing voice. Lindsay adds a naughty groove to the House of Angels show with her sax sounds. Phoebe is the magic behind the decks. This angel knows how to make people dance into her rhythms. And last but not least, there is the amazing performer and violinist, the lovely Roxy Pope. I had no idea, how much the violin adds to House music. 

It is the most entertaining house band ever! I honestly, cannot wait to see them again tomorrow and every month performing live at the London's Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel for a bit of Saturday night House Music fever.  

And as House of Angels suggest and I strongly believe as well, “Let’s Party, For Heaven’s Sake”.

Bubbly Kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady

Aura Mayfair

Aura Mayfair is not just a fabulous nightclub; actually its name is self-explanatory as it is targeted to individuals or real champers with strong character, sexy attitude and an astonishing powerful aura. From personal experience when I am going to Aura Mayfair I know that I will have a good time. What also stands out from this place except its interior design, is that at the end of the night we all end up being one united crowd all cheering to the DJ “Put the record on… I want to dance with my baby”!

Last Thursday I was thrilled to be invited to a different evening/night event at Aura Mayfair. My fellow Champagne for Life Ladies and myself, were welcomed with a glass of champagne, then we had absolutely delicious canapés (literally the best I ever had in an event!) and then again and again champagne! I met beautiful and fun people that night while enjoying the incredible sounds from the Nova Basementband as well as the US sensation Mario performing singles like “Just a Friend” and “Let me Love you”.

At the end of this memorable-FUN Thursday night I was given “The Goodie Envelope” with the new Aura Mayfair album “Sounds of St James” mixed by DJ Dan Healy plus an honorary membership card. Overall this night was exceptional but I am sure there will be more fabulous nights to come at Aura Mayfair!

Bubbly-full of Party mood Kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady

This is for all the Louboutin Lovers across the world!

Christian Louboutin shoe Loversfrom all around the globe, I think it is time to unite ourselves and our enthusiasm and run to London’s Design Museum immediately (ok! when you have time, I mean) since the exhibition has already opened its doors. I am enjoying celebrating his 20 years of career! You may think I am over reacting a bit - Imagine how I will celebrate my 20 years as the Champagne for Life Lady. Your guess is correct with lots and lots and more than lots of champagne! But champagne is not the main subject here but Louboutin is! Although, FYI Christian did create in collaboration with Piper Heidsleck a one of a kind stiletto champagne glass – definitely the most revolutionary champagne glass ever made that all Loubi addicts will want to include in their collection!

The exhibition started on Tuesday May 1st and will last until 9th of July displaying designs from the designer’s personal archive celebrating his unique, beautiful, extravagant and theatrical creations. The audience will have the chance to see at first hand what inspires their favourite designer. In addition, apart from the red soles, they can have the opportunity to visit a special section of the show remembering the Fetish Exhibition that was shown in Paris back in 2007 in collaboration with the famous artist and filmmaker David Lynch.

The launch of the exhibition took place on April 30th with Mr. Louboutin attending the event and saying that it was worth a whole year of planning this show and that he is very pleased with what he sees. So as the magician Christian created something bedazzling for our eyes I think I will run as soon as possible and maybe take some pictures for the people that cannot travel to London and see it at first hand.

Bubbly Kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady