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@Mahiki for #TheMirelaFund

Sunday apparently, is the “new” Friday, Natalie Pinkham declared as she warmly welcomed guests to Mahiki for a special fundraiser particular close to her heart. 

When Natalie Pinkham was a student she volunteered in an orphanage in Romania. Recently, with the help of Channel 5, she went back to see what had happened to the children she looked after and particularly to Mirela, a girl that impressed and moved her. Natalie was so shocked by what she discovered that she vowed that she would do anything to support her.  Along with Alex Daly’s help (the nurse she met in Romania) she is building a home for Mirela and her Friends. With this admirable goal Natalie organised this event to raise money and awareness for The Mirela FundChampagne for Life officially sponsored this charity event and we, all the Champagne for Life ladies, are very proud to have been able to contribute to this great cause.

The beautiful Lizzie Cundy and Natalie Pinkham presenting a video about The Mirela Fund

This fundraiser was not like any other I have been to, it seems Natalie was determined to have a capital F-U-N at the start, and created ‘A night of cocktails’, her warm nature and personal approach meant that all the guests had a smile on their faces and with OK! magazine and Channel 5 covering this event it was important to show it off.  The destination for these cocktails? Mahiki - a club that I particularly love! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to join in and help this fantastic cause. The minute I entered the fabulous Mahiki a glass of  Moët & Chandon was offered to me by the gorgeous staff, making me very happy.  

Lovely ladies offering us Moët & Chandon
 at Mahiki

Then I realized that Mahiki was packed with like-minded people that wanted to have fun and donate and I became even happier. 
Lizzie Cundy, Adam Garcia and Natalie Pinkham

Amongst the crowd were TV presenters such as Lizzie Cundy (who alongside Natalie hosted the Auction and Raffle, their natural banter making it one of the most entertaining I have ever seen!), Di Stewart, Georgie Thompson and lots of famous faces from the world of Formula 1 including the very tall Jake Humphrey. There were inspiring performers such as Adam Garcia (who won a designers dress from PIA MICHI at the raffle – that was very funny!), England cricket players and society somebodies. The event was very successful and Natalie was proud to announce that it managed to raise £20,000 towards The Mirela Fund.

Escala performing

I had a fabulous time at this charity event. The crowd was also having lots of fun as we were enjoying music by the brilliant ESCALA band – 4 beautiful and amazing talented musicians! And of course DJ Lora was fantastic as always! Girl Power, or Lady Power, as I prefer!

 Mahiki ceilings 

I wish all fundraisers were such fun and filled with warm, lovely people, as the evening drew to an end I had my last sip of bubbly and was handed my goodie bag, what a treat! Filled with Redken products and a copy of OK! (yes, my guilty pleasure too!)

Fantastic Redken Products from the Goodie Bag... 

Champagne for Life Ladies out there, I am sure that you do not miss any opportunity to donate to this charity too! Keep it up and contribute with champagne-style!

You can keep tabs on the fund raising here

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The Champagne for Life Lady

Champagne and Food?

Whenever we go for dinner with my friends, we always have to deal with the question, which wine should we order? Oh what a dilemma! I am being ironic here actually, as my friends have the idea that since we are going to eat fish we should definitely go for a white wine. Well, I say why don’t we go for Champagne since we are having it later either way? 

P.S. 1/  Champagne goes very well with many food dishes because bubbly wine is generally more versatile than still one (I guess a sophisticated excuse to drink more champagne)!

P.S. 2/ Also, in France they drink champagne as an aperitif and digestif (Oh they have the right to drink it all day, they invented it after all).

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The Champagne for Life Lady

The Power of Positive Thinking!

You are waking up, after an uneasy sleep (bad thoughts have conquered your mind).
It’s raining and you feel that you don’t want to go to work.
You start making your coffee but with a clumsy move, the cup is on the floor, broken and the coffee is all over you. (hopefully, on your black satin lingerie and not in your working couture)
The clock is ticking and there is no time to make another one.
Next, you enter the shower but the water is so cold because you forgot to turn on the boiler.
To sum up, it is the worst start of the day that you can imagine and so you assume that the rest will be like this; unlucky, full of stress, bad feelings and thoughts.

Yes, it happens, but there are some tips (that actually work!) that will transform these rainy days into sunshine!

·      Smile!
·      Stay away from negative people that will end up one day depressing you
·      Surround your environment with positive people
·      Take problems and transform them into opportunities
·      Believe in you… in the actual power of you
·      Try to do something new everyday (ex: take another road on your way to home after work)
·      Be an optimist… good things will come no matter what
·      See the good in everything… be an eternal optimist!
·      Be grateful… appreciate what you have
·      And remember that you create your life and so…
·    Just smile, relax, have fun and drink champagne!

This is exactly what I do!

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The Champagne for Life Lady

1st Vogue Festival 2012

If you are not one of those in the know, you wouldn't be able to describe what was going on in the London scene last Friday and Saturday. At Dover Street Marketyou could see the season's fashion do’s, Browns was like a flee market (really I haven't seen it more packed), La Bodega Negrawas smelling of Chanel no.05 and fashion parties with champagne fountains at (many) Battersea lofts were writing history...the first official Vogue Festival was a reality and I was officially invited.

At day one, Friday the 20th, after hours of research on what to wear, I arrived at 09:40 at the Royal Geographical Society for registration purposes and then at 10:00 amongst the crowd I was watching Alexandra Shulman interviewing the so-hot-right-now Christopher Bailey. His statements were to the point but when he said “I'm looking for people with cultureand passion that comes with a smile on their face”, I really fell in love with him. Later the beloved Lucinda Chambers - fashion director of Vogue UK - was on stage giving some great business tips and confessing that at her early years she wanted to be a married secretary. Later the so-stylish Matthew Williamson combined in one phrase the words, garbage bag - Browns - fashion. Genius! As I was freshening up my make-up (hopefully without being noticed) Domenico Dolce was expressing his gratitude to Stefano Gabbana

Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey and Alexandra Shulman
Matthew Williamson
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Cabbana
Lucinda Chambers and Stefano Gabbana

It was about time to go home - change outfit - had lunch and a glass of champagne with Lucy at The Kensington Hotel and then back to the Festival because Stella couldn't be missed. Stella McCartneyis like a role model to me and actually I waived my head arguably with Kate Hudsonwhen she said to her “I never felt restricted in your clothes”. Fact. Since it is already in her blood to be followed and not to follow she proved to be a great public speaker. “Don't try to be something that you are not,” she said to Kate and then she continued by noting that “I am not aware how much I inspire others” without being cynical but just real. After Stella's amazing interview I went with the girls for more champagne at The Botanistenjoying making them giggle with my insider jokes about bad fashion choices. Then we got serious when we started speaking about the evolution of fashion.

Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson
Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson on stage

09:00 Day two was even better. It started with Diane Von Furstenberg - The legend. Here is the history, Diane Von Furstenberg created the legendary wrap dress and boom she made it to the cover of the Wall Street Journal at the age of 26! Literally, loved her when she said, “Be the woman you want to be. This is why I put a mirror on my ad campaign”. And then, the climax of the festival was definitely Tom Ford at the afternoon session of the festival. He made statements such as that he loves quality in everything and he also stated, “When I moved to Paris, I walked around the city and cried because of its beauty”, just WONDERFUL! Following, other fashion stars took over the stage like the gorgeous top models, Natalia Vodianova, Lily Cole, Jordan Dunn and Eva Herzigova.
The number of people who get interested in laguiole steak knives increases every day.

Diane Von Furstenberg on stage
 Tom Ford on stage
Tom Ford backstage
 Natalia Vodianova, Lily Cole, Jordan Dunn and Eva Herzigova on stage
photos are taken from and some from my iPhone

Overall, it was a fantastic experience that concluded with lots of champagne. Big statements were made during the festival about life, success, fashion and colors. Mine is just to the point..."Champagne for Life".

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The Champagne for Life Lady 

Fashion, Literature and Champagne!

Champagne for Life was delighted to be involved in an exceptional evening at the Penguin headquarters on the Strand hosted by Jane Shepherdson (Whistles CEO) and Alexis Kirschbaum (Penguin Books Editorial Director). Guest speakers included Rosie Arnold, Deputy Creative Director of BBH, Beeban Kidron, Director (Including Oranges are not the only fruit) and Lynn Thomas, Surgeon Captain and Highest ranking female officer in the Navy.

These three women were there to talk about their lives and careers to date; all very inspiring but what is one meant to wear to an event of 80 brilliant women who are both stylish and intelligent?
Caroline Issa and Lara Bohnic

Jane Shepherdson and Erin

Not to be outdone I decided on the canary yellow dress by Maje that came with an extraordinary cape attached... All very fashion forward! This Champagne for Life Lady is brave and rather foolish! I ignored the Captain America wolf calls from builders as I proudly strutted out, cape waving in the wind. I felt like a super-héroine!

As we sipped champagne, I heard awe-inspiring tales from extraordinary women Rosie ArnoldBeeban Kidron and Lynn Thomas. I listened with wonder and desperately wanted to leap up to join them.... Ladies, ladies, be my mentors!

Rosie Fellner

Beeban Kidron, Lynn Thomas and
Rosie Arnold

When questioned as to what prestigious job I had and what was a champagne for life lady,  I could at least tell them that every time I drink champagne and photograph my bill, money is raised for charity (a strong incentive to drink as much as possible!).

I think I had almost redeemed myself and a few looked impressed, until I eagerly opened my goodie bag to swig at the designer water; pity it turned out to be bubble bath! 

Not my type of bubbles!  A hasty exit was needed...  

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The Champagne for Life Lady

Champagne Tasting in the South of France

What an exciting day! I was invited by a very charming French man to discover the difference between a Blanc de Blancs, a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay champagne. I was not sure whether it was the Gallic charm or the temptation of bubbles, either way I could not resist the kind invitation.

On arriving I thought I had gone to heaven. Bottles and bottles of champagne were open just for me. I tried to look serious and composed but my toes were twitching with excitement, thankfully they were safely hidden from view in my Louboutins shoes.

Christian Pommier was my host; he explained that the first champagne I was sampling from the Maison Gosset was a Blanc de Blancs champagne which is a 100% chardonnay. It must be served between 8 to 10 degrees and should never be kept longer than 4 years. He looked a little shocked when I revealed that I never kept a champagne bottle longer than 4 days!

The strength of la Maison Gosset is in its size. The Gosset vineyards spread over 60 villages, making it a large champagne player. With a charming French accent, he explained that there was a delicate reflection in the bubbles and as I studied my favorite elixir I was transported!

The aroma of minerals, flowers, apricots, mirabelles and honey allows this to be a complex champagne worth taking ones time over. Fresh and sumptuous. Monsieur Pommier explained that it was perfect for an aperitif. Was this meant to refer to later that evening at aperitif time? Yes I am free for an aperitif, Please do ask!

We moved on to try Henri Abelé champagne, which is 55% chardonnay45% pinot noir. Christian kept on mentioning la robe. …Whatever was he talking about? My Dress? With a sexy smile, he explained “la robe of the Champagne” was in fact the bottle. “Robe jaune pale”, actually meant a pale yellow bottle that is typical of a chardonnay. As we talked of the nose the body and of course the dress, I begun to feel this beautiful pale sparkling essence was a rival for my French man’s attention! Was I really going to fall out with my best friend over a man? As the sun set in the Luberon Mountains, my heart was transported; I decided bubbles should always win. I thanked Monsieur Pommier and left clutching my only love: a perfect Blanc de Blancs! 

Bubbly Bisous

The Champagne for Life Lady

Go into the Wyld!

The Wyld Night Club at the W Hotel definitely requires a wild attitude. In my dictionary this stands for chic, dynamism, feministic full of champagne Wednesday wilderness.  As a real ChamperI know how to play this game. The fashion choice for the Wyld Bar is basically your entry ticket. Your outfit should have the effect of a strobe light in order to grab the similar attention of that of the huge mirrorball that rotates above... making everyone look in awe. 

Did I mention that the crowd in the Wyld is basically a mixture of fashion editors, the crème de la crème of fashion designers, models and young Saint Martin's students wearing Azzedaine Alaia while drinking champagne. My choice for the night will be a red feather and Bead-embellished Silk-chiffon dress from Matthew Williamson. After all, I am going into the Wyld… 

Matthew Williamson

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The Champagne for Life Lady

Wyld Bar
10 Wardour Street
Leicester Square
W1D 6QF 

How to... hold the Champagne Glass?

Champagne is the epitome of style, elegance and the symbol of eternal glamourosity. Whether in a colorful Mary Katratzou dress (indeed the hippest choice for this season) or in your stretch satin sleepwear by Stella McCartney, how to hold the champagne flute properly completes the look. So here are some basic tips:

ü  Never hold the champagne flute from the bowl up the stem. Your hand’s temperature will change the flavor of the champagne.

ü  Pick up the flute by the stem but without putting a lot pressure with your fingers. This will give you a tres chique edge of old Hollywood.

Source:  Conde Nast

ü  If your hand becomes tired, wrap your hand around the base of the glass or change hand.

ü  Try experimenting yourself by keeping the glass stable without (showing) too much effort.

ü  Make sure you have polished your fingernails with the colors of this season.  When holding the flute correctly, your nails should shine. 

Until my next post…

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The Champagne for Life Lady

Eclipse tonight?

Eclipse is a pure combination of a street-front bar with a boutique club downstairs for real Champers. There is the place to be seen on a Thursday night and indulge yourself with Champagne.

No time to write more since my watch shows 21:00. Hit Eclipse and use your Champagne for Life. Did I mention how much I love my job???

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The Champagne for Life Lady 

Eclipse: 158 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 0BA, England

           T: +44 (0) 207 259 2577

Go Colour Champers!

Summer is almost here Ladies!!! So, stop wearing black and start experimenting with more seasonally neon coloursand just enjoy your Champagne for Life. I am already a willing slave of that movement. xoxo -  Stop! One more sip of champagne!  

Bubbly kisses

The Champagne for Life Lady